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An Early RailsConf 2009 Roundup

We're two days into proceedings here at RailsConf and things have gone pretty smoothly. One day of tutorials and one day of the conference proper with over 1000 developers in attendance.

Gregg Pollack of RailsEnvy has put together a 4 minute video with…


See You at RailsConf! Got A Story? Let's Chat.

I'm leaving to start my RailsConf trip tomorrow morning, swinging by Los Angeles for a couple of days beforehand. I'll be wearing my usual red glasses and will be eager to talk to anyone about their projects for coverage either…


Aptana RadRails 1.2 Brings Cloud Hosting Support To A Rails IDE

Aptana's RadRails IDE has been coming on leaps and bounds since Aptana got working on it full-time and released version 1.0 a year ago. This month, they released RadRails 1.2, which boasts streamlined Rails app deployment and updating via Aptana's…


State of the Stack: Who's Using What In Production

Recently, as part of their new RailsLab site, New Relic released The State of the Stack: A Ruby on Rails Benchmarking Report.

Despite the title, I don't think it's a benchmarking report at all, but it does present some useful information collected…


Get the Obie Fernandez Wallpaper

If you've a Rails developer, no doubt you've probably heard of Obie Fernandez, the founder of Hashrocket and instigator of the controversial Rails Maturity Model. Well, now you can celebrate your love for the chap with this professionally designed wallpaper by nGen…

Run Rails Apps on Nginx In Minutes with Passenger 2.2.1

Two days ago, Phusion (@phusion_nl on Twitter) announced the release of Passenger 2.2.0, a significant update to the dream-come-true Apache module for deploying Rack-based Ruby applications (including Rails, Sinatra, and Ramaze apps). The big deal? It now supports Nginx too. Yes, you can…


Easier Mockups from Rails with Showoff

Showoff is a new Rails plugin that "provides an easy way to include and show off HTML/ERB/Haml mockups." Creator Adam McCrea has put together a blog post explaining how it works.

Essentially, Showoff provides a way for you to bring mockups into…


9 Top Rails Jobs for April 2009

No matter how long the recession drags out for, there seems to be no let up at all on the Rails job front - especially if you're near San Francisco or New York (but we have telecommuting positions listed too!). And.. if…


Remarkable 3.0 Released: RSpec Matchers and Macros for Rails

Carlos Brando and José Valim have just released the version 3.0 of Remarkable. If you are crazy for RSpec and use it with Rails, this is a project that you should check out.

Remarkable began as a set of matchers for RSpec, but with this…


How to use Rails on Google App Engine (Thanks to JRuby)

Two days ago, Google announced the release of Java support on its App Engine service (a system that allows you to run Web apps on Google's infrastructure). And.. what runs on Java that we care about? JRuby!

It took JRuby guru Ola Bini…

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