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Learning To Scale Rails With Crappy Programming Book Covers

Jason Seifer (of RailsEnvy / Ruby Show fame) and I were recently captivated by a particularly gorgeous technical book cover:

Awesome, right? Eric Hodel (of RDoc and RubyGems fame) thought he had a better candidate for crappiest programming book cover:

I'm not…


Gorgeous Blonde (Who's Not DHH) Takes Over Official Rails Sites

Just a year after was "derailed by [a] hacker", a gorgeous woman has taken over all of the various sites (to which forwards, too) including the API documentation and official Rails weblog.

In 2009, the issue was down to…


Remail: Send and Receive E-mail Through Google App Engine for Free

Sending e-mail from Rails applications is a common activity, but not all application servers are running a reliable SMTP daemon.. and setting up a server to receive e-mails is a real pain. A common solution is to use GMail, but…


How a Realtime SMS Questions Service Scaled To Super Bowl Traffic with Rails

When the UK-based Rails team at kgb was given ten weeks to scale their SMS question-answering "microwork" service for a Super Bowl ad, they didn't have much headroom left for more traditional Web scaling approaches. In this article, KGB developer J.…


Radiant CMS Trying "Open Source Design" - Help Needed!

Radiant CMS (previously on Rails Inside) is a mature, "no-fluff", open source content management system (CMS) built on top of Rails. In this post, developer John W Long is putting out the call for anyone with Web design expertise to get involved…


Dragonfly: Image Handling For Champions

Dragonfly is a new(-ish!) ruby gem for handling images and other content in Ruby web apps (including Rails). “What – another one?!”.. I hear you exclaim. While using Dragonfly in Rails is similar to using, say, Paperclip, a significant difference is…


Hobo 1.0 - A Rapid Rails Web App Builder - Released

Hobo, an open source rapid web app builder for Ruby on Rails, has officially reached Version 1.0 after three years of focused development effort by the Hobo community and sponsorship support from Barquin International in Washington, DC. (Ed note: Hobo…


Ignite RailsConf - Pre-Conference Lightning Talks on June 6, 2010

Baltimore's Rails community is welcoming this year's RailsConf with an un-official pre-party the evening before RailsConf begins: Ignite RailsConf. Ignite events are lightning talks, where 16 speakers each get 5 minutes to talk about a subject they are passionate about, but…


The Rails 3 Upgrade Handbook by Jeremy McAnally

Rails expert Jeremy McAnally (Ruby Inside's "Top Hitter" of 2008) has been interested in Rails 3 for a long time, and he's dropped a lot of time into producing the Rails 3 Upgrade Handbook, a $12 119 page PDF (no…


Vim For Rails Developers Screencast

Vim as a Rails IDE is a professional screencast by Ben Orenstein that walks you through using Vim (a popular open source text editor) as a Rails IDE of sorts. It costs $9 and runs at almost 37 minutes long. I asked…

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