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Ignite RailsConf - Pre-Conference Lightning Talks on June 6, 2010

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ignitebaltimore.pngBaltimore's Rails community is welcoming this year's RailsConf with an un-official pre-party the evening before RailsConf begins: Ignite RailsConf. Ignite events are lightning talks, where 16 speakers each get 5 minutes to talk about a subject they are passionate about, but with a twist: the speaker's slides are automatically advanced every 15 seconds. Ignite's motto is "enlighten us, but be quick about it!"

Ignite kicks off on June 6, 2010 at 6 pm at the Sheraton Inner Harbor, which is connected to the convention center where RailsConf is taking place. You can register to attend at this link. Tickets are $5, and all proceeds after expenses will benefit a Ruby-related charity or project (if you would like to suggest a charity please email

We're looking for a wide range of talks, which you can propose here. Not all of the talks will be Rails-specific but all will be of interest to Rails developers. (One ideal talk would be a version of Geoffrey Grosenbach's recent What Pythonistas Think of Ruby post). You do not have to be a RailsConf attendee to attend or speak at the event.

We are looking for a few more sponsors to help defray the cost of renting the space and providing food and videography. So far we have received generous sponsor commitments from NewRelic, Hashrocket, Peepcode, Smartlogic, and Intridea. If you are interested in sponsoring, please email

[written by] Mike Subelsky is co-founder of the Rails-backed startup OtherInbox. He occasionally blogs at and lives in Baltimore.

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    Baltimore Welcomes RailsConf With Open Arms Says:

    [...] Ignite RailsConf: an unofficial pre-party held on June 6th with a variety of lightning talks, featuring Ruby luminaries like Chris Wanstrath, Gregg Pollack, and Ilya Grigorik. [...]

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