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Baltimore Welcomes RailsConf With Open Arms

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Baltimore on RailsBaltimore's Rails community has been eagerly anticipating RailsConf next month. They've organized a few different projects to welcome Rails programmers to the city:

Ignite RailsConf: an unofficial pre-party held on June 6th with a variety of lightning talks, featuring Ruby luminaries like Chris Wanstrath, Gregg Pollack, and Ilya Grigorik.

Stay with a Local, a website to connect RailsConf attendees with Baltimore Rubyists. 9 Bmore on Rails members have opened up a total of 12 rooms in their homes to host attendees traveling to Baltimore.

BohConf, a free unconf running in parallel with RailsConf. It will be held in the convention center for the duration of RailsConf. This hacking-centric event will include community code drives featuring well known OSS authors, a code retreat, a programming competition, and "BarCamp"-style discussions.

[post by] Mike Subelsky is co-founder of the Rails-backed startup OtherInbox. He occasionally blogs at and lives in Baltimore.

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