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How To Score Your Rails App's Complexity Before Refactoring

Every Rails developer must refactor their Rails code at some time. Ruby's dynamic nature makes it difficult for generic tools to understand what Ruby is doing though. Once you add Rails macros and metaprogramming into the mix you really need…

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14 Bare Minimum Security Checks Before Releasing a Rails App

When you upload your latest app to a production Web server and open it up to the world, you're really throwing your app to the elements - good and bad. If you don't pay any attention to security whatsoever, you're…

Rails 3.0.1 and Rails 2.3.10 Released To Counter Nested Attributes Vulnerability

Michael Koziarski (a.k.a. nzkoz) has announced the simultaneous release of Rails 3.0.1 and 2.3.10. Don't get too excited - they're only very minor security releases intended to resolve a nasty bug that surfaced in 2.3.9 and 3.0.0. Upgrade if possible but…

The iPhone Helpers Plugin for Rails 3.x

Picking the name of a new library or plugin is stressful. You could go too informal and call your library something like authgasm (now authlogic) or too formal and call it "Dull Authentication Plugin for Enterprises 1.0." It's the geek equivalent…


The First Step of Refactoring a Rails Application

Refactoring is an important step in software development. It helps to make sure that existing code is kept updated and clean, even after a herd of people trample over it.

Recently I've been asked a lot as to which tools I…


An Introduction to Refinery CMS - A Rails Content Management System

Refinery CMS is an open source Ruby on Rails CMS for small businesses. The project was originally closed source for 4 years at Resolve Digital until it was finally released to the open source community in mid 2009. Refinery focuses on doing things…

The Perils Of Opinionated Software (like Rails)

This is a guest opinion piece by Xavier Shay.

Ruby on Rails, by its own admission, is an opinionated framework. From day one it has positioned itself as the Kryptonite to enterprise software, providing an easy to use, rapid development framework.…


Netzke: Rich Internet Apps with Ext JS and Rails

Ext JS is a cross-browser JavaScript library for building rich internet applications. It provides an extended set of powerful, feature-rich widgets that can be used as building blocks for AJAX-driven GUI of almost unlimited complexity. Netzke is a framework that provides a unified…


HOWTO: Unobtrusive JavaScript with Rails 3

This post is by Rizwan Reza. See footer for more info.

One of the big surprises and accomplishments is the fact that Unobtrusive Javascript made it into Rails 3. At first, we thought UJS wasnā€™t going to be included in Rails 3. Well,…

Baltimore on Rails

Baltimore Welcomes RailsConf With Open Arms

Baltimore's Rails community has been eagerly anticipating RailsConf next month. They've organized a few different projects to welcome Rails programmers to the city:

Ignite RailsConf: an unofficial pre-party held on June 6th with a variety of lightning talks, featuring Ruby luminaries like Chris…

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