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A book and screencast series showing you how to develop and deploy industrial-strength Rails apps in a direct, step by step way. The screencast series includes 12 lessons over more than 15 hours! Get the best "over the shoulder" experience of following what a top Rails 3 developer does when building an app today. Click here to learn more.


The 15 Step Rails Code Quality Checklist

The Ruby on Rails Code Quality Checklist is a 15 point "quality checklist" for Rails developers to run against their Rails applications by Matthew Paul Moore. It's a year old, so predates Rails 2.2 and 2.3, but it recently made the…

rdd.png A Directory of Rails Development Companies

The Rails Development Directory is a new site from Engine Yard that provides a listing of companies offering Rails development services. It's squarely aimed at businesses who are looking to get major development work done.

On the front page you can fill in…


It's RailsConfing in Baltimore - June 7-10, 2010

The circus is falling down on its knees, the big top is crumbling down.. The venue for the forthcoming RailsConf 2010 conference has been announced: Baltimore, Maryland - a city allegedly named after someone with a hunger for curry.

If you thought you…


MonkeySupport: Boosting Rails With Patches of C

MonkeySupport (or GitHub repo) is an intriguing new project by Burke Libbey that attempts to inject some crazy C power into Rails.

As you probably know, it's possible to use C to write Ruby extensions and even to use C inline with Ruby…


Join the Rails Bugmash: September 26-27, 2009

Remember the Rails Hackfests of 2007 and 2008? Basically you could jump in to fixing Rails bugs and providing patches and you'd get recognition? Well, RailsBridge and the Rails Core team are running a BugMash under similar principles next week in order…


FriendlyID: A Slugging and Permalink Plugin for ActiveRecord

FriendlyID, a plugin by Normal Clarke, Adrian Mugnolo, and Emilio Tagua, describes itself as "the Swiss Army bulldozer of slugging and permalink plugins for ActiveRecord." In layman's terms, FriendlyID helps you get out of numerical ID hell and into an easily…


Bullet: An Eager Loading Adviser Plugin

Bullet is a new Rails plugin (developed by Richard Huang) that helps you reduce the number of queries your Rails app makes, thus increasing its performance.

Essentially, Bullet "watches" the queries your Rails app makes through ActiveRecord and notifies you as to…


Rails Magazine Issue 4 Now Available

Issue 4 of Olimpiu Metiu's Rails Magazine is now available in both a free PDF download format or in print format (via MagCloud) for $6.62. Contents include:

  • Background Processing with Delayed_Job
  • Generating PDF with ODF templates
  • Feel the Radiance with Radiant CMS
  • Oracle Tips and Tricks

And interviews…


ABingo: An A/B Testing Plugin for Rails

ABingo is an "A/B testing" plugin to use on your Rails applications in order to test differences between two ways of showing the same information. It was developed by Patrick McKenzie, known mainly in the developer community as the creator of…

BigOldRailsTemplate - A Whole Dummy App in a Rails Template

Mike Gunderloy (ex-Rails activist and Rails Inside writer) has hit the ball out of the template park with BigOldRailsTemplate. We've written about Rails 2.3's templating features before, but Mike has taken it way beyond merely installing a few plugins to actually…

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