New to Rails 3? Check out the Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial book and screencast.

A book and screencast series showing you how to develop and deploy industrial-strength Rails apps in a direct, step by step way. The screencast series includes 12 lessons over more than 15 hours! Get the best "over the shoulder" experience of following what a top Rails 3 developer does when building an app today. Click here to learn more.

rails-doc-org.png A New Era in Rails Documentation? is a new attempt at organizing Rails' documentation by a Finnish company called Nodeta. As well as providing a quick way to search and browse through the existing documentation (with live search and keyboard accessible navigation), Rails-doc also allows registered…

Using jQuery with Ruby on Rails

Jim Neath has put together a handy guide on Using jQuery with Ruby on Rails.

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RailsConf Europe 2008 Registration Goes Live

The registration process for RailsConf Europe 2008 has just opened, so if you want to guarantee your place, get going now. RailsConf Europe is Europe's primary Rails-focused conference and takes place this year in Berlin between September 2 - 4. The schedule has…

Ruby Conferences and Tracks

Gregg Pollack has posted a list of Ruby (and Rails) Conferences and Tracks on the official Rails blog. As an aside, we hope to feature an event calendar here at Rails Inside shortly.

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Yo Rails! - A Tagged Repository of Quality Rails Links

Yo Rails! is a new site that makes it easy to find quality Rails links (to tutorials, screencasts, resource sites, etc) simply by narrowing down what you want by tags. It was developed because finding certain items again using Google can…

Rails 2.1 Caching Walkthrough

Rob Anderton has put together an easy-to-read walkthrough of some of the new caching features in Rails 2.1. One of the coolest new features is that Rails provides an abstraction to using the back-end caching features (whether ultimately provided by…

Using Thinking Sphinx

Pat Allan posted A Concise Guide to Using Thinking Sphinx

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Using Ruby within TextMate snippets and commands

Dr Nic wrote Using Ruby within TextMate snippets and commands

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Rails Inside A-Go-Go!

Photo by ButterflySha - CC 2.0 Attribution License

Welcome to the first post on Rails Inside, a new Rails blog dedicated to providing the latest Rails news, choice tutorials, and other useful links and resources on a daily / near-daily basis.

If you're already…

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