New to Rails 3? Check out the Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial book and screencast.

A book and screencast series showing you how to develop and deploy industrial-strength Rails apps in a direct, step by step way. The screencast series includes 12 lessons over more than 15 hours! Get the best "over the shoulder" experience of following what a top Rails 3 developer does when building an app today. Click here to learn more.


Live Blogging from Rails Summit Latin America

The much anticipated Rails Summit Latin America is underway and runs till the end of Thursday in Sao Paulo, Brazil. So far Chad Fowler has taken the stage with a keynote and David Heinemeier Hansson has appeared via video link. Sessions…


jRails: Drop-in jQuery Support for Rails

Hampton Catlin's recent Ruby Survey (results here) showed that more Ruby and Rails developers prefer the jQuery Javascript framework to the Prototype framework that comes with Rails. jQuery has become popular across the board, but is unlikely to be included with…


John Main has 7 top tips for coding with currency - with Rails specifically in mind.

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Tog: A New Way To Social Network-ify Your Rails Apps

Tog is a new extensible open source social networking platform that you can add to your Rails apps developed by Keras Software Development. It

Unlike the incumbent Community Engine, Tog is not a plugin - nor is it a stand alone application…

Page Caching Enhancements

For anyone who's struggled at how to obtain the maximum performance in a Rails application on limited hardware- the good guys over at Rails Spikes have posted an informative article with some tips on implementing page caching in a Rails application…


Rails Rumble 2008

Have you ever thought about giving up sleep for a weekend to participate in one of the Rails Rumbles? If so, it's time to start thinking about putting together a team and coming up with a project idea because the…


Community Engine: Social Networking Features in a Plugin

Community Engine is a free, open source social networking plugin for Rails. All you need to do to add social and community features (e.g. authentication, profiles, blogs, photo management, bookmarks, commenting, forums, friendships) to an existing application is to install the plugin…

Rails Code Quality Checklist

Matt Moore has put together a very solid Rails "code quality checklist." Worth a read.

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Spree - An Open Source Rails E-commerce Platform

Spree (GitHub repository) is an open source e-commerce platform based on Rails. provides a good example of it in action.

Spree is Rails 2.1 compatible, distributed as a gem, designed to be very extensible, and includes production ready data models and full…

Passenger on Ubuntu Hardy

Matthias Georgi gives quick instructions on installing a Ruby and Rails stack using Apache and Passenger on Ubuntu Hardy.

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