New to Rails 3? Check out the Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial book and screencast.

A book and screencast series showing you how to develop and deploy industrial-strength Rails apps in a direct, step by step way. The screencast series includes 12 lessons over more than 15 hours! Get the best "over the shoulder" experience of following what a top Rails 3 developer does when building an app today. Click here to learn more.


Finland's First Rails Conference - May 7, 2010

The Frozen Rails conference is set to be Finland’s first and finest Rails conference. The conference has a high-profile line-up, and we have managed to get three core developers (Yehuda Katz, Carl Lerche, and Pratik Naik), Chris Wanstrath, and other stars…


I'm Handing Rails Inside Over To.. You!

You totally couldn't tell, but I'm not much interested in updating Rails Inside any more. Despite racking up 6000 subscribers (thanks!), Rails Inside has proven to be Ruby Inside's poor relation - mostly because I'm very pro-Ruby but not particularly…


A New, Free, Public Domain Rails Logo

Did you know that the Rails 3.0 beta / pre-release went live today? No? You do now! Anyway, I had to do a post about it for Ruby Inside and was sick of not being able to find a logo without…


Screencast: How To Upgrade Your Rails 2 App to Rails 3 in 25 Minutes

Geoffrey Grosenbach (of PeepCode fame) has put together a FREE 25 minute screencast showing how he's converted a Rails 2.x app to Rails 3.0. Grab it now before it gets overwhelmed and he wonders why he hasn't charged for it yet ;-)



Chargify: Rails Powered Recurring Billing Service With An ActiveResource API

Over the last couple of months, a new billing and subscription company - Chargify - have been popping up around the Web 2.0, SaaS, and Rails scenes. Notably, Chargify's CEO is Lance Walley, co-founder of Rails hosting company Engine Yard. Rails…


Weekend Free? Join The Rails 3 BugMash And Make A Difference

Rizwan Reza got in touch to let everyone know that a special Rails BugMash takes place this weekend (January 16-17, 2010).. it's a Rails 3 focused BugMash! Fix a known issue with Rails 3.0, report a bug, test some gems or plugins,…


Rails Magazine Issue 5 Available (Free)

Rails Magazine editor Olympiu Metiu has let us know that the fifth issue of Rails Magazine is now available for free in PDF format. If you're not familiar with the magazine, check out our video review of the first issue to get…

railstutorial.png Michael Hartl's Awesome New Rails Tutorial, a.k.a. the Ruby on Rails Tutorial, is an all new Ruby on Rails tutorial being developed by Michael Hartl (of RailsSpace and Insoshi fame). Drafts are currently live for chapters 1 through 4 and the tutorial aims to be a thorough…


CommunityEngine: Gets i18n, FaceBook and Geolocation Plugins, And More

We first wrote about CommunityEngine, a social networking plugin for Rails, a year ago. Since then, it's come on leaps and bounds and even has some plugins of its own available.

Rails' addition of i18n (internationalization) support affords CommunityEngine the ability to create…


Retrospectiva: Open Source Project Management Rails App

Retrospectiva is a new open-source project management tool built as a Rails application. It's interesting from two angles: first, as a project management tool, as it was designed; but secondly as a large, well built Rails 2.3 app to learn from.


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