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Scrooge: An Automatic Database Query Optimizer

Scrooge (or Github repository) is a "dynamic query optimizer" (created by Lourens Naudé) that's framework and ORM agnostic but, naturally, will probably find its biggest market in Ruby land with Rails developers. To this end, Ilya Grigorik has put together an…

A New Guide to Caching with Rails

As part of the Rails Guides project, Aditya Chadha has written Caching with Ruby on Rails. It's not on the Rails Guide at the time of writing, but he's posted it on his blog to get the ball rolling. It was…


The National Events Company has a pretty amazing opportunity available for a resourceful Rails developer. You can either work at their Times Square office in New York or telecommute, but you need to be really, really good.

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Quickly Add CouchDB to Existing Rails Models with Stuffing

Paul Campbell, a partner over at Contrast, has released a new plugin called Stuffing that allows you to add CouchDB functionality to your Rails application's existing ActiveRecord models without you having to quit the world of ActiveRecord (though if you want something…


Spike: Powerful Rails Log Parsing on the Mac

Spike is a log file parser application for the Mac that gives you some powerful features for working through your Rails log files - it was developed by British Rails and Mac developer Matt Mower. Spike is open source, so if…


Rails Underground - A London-Based Rails Conference for 2009

Last month, David A Black announced that O'Reilly and Ruby Central wouldn't be putting on a European Rails conference - as they have for the past few years:

Ruby Central and O’Reilly have decided to take a hiatus from producing RailsConf Europe…


Asciicasts: Railscasts In Text Form

We're all familiar with Ryan Bates' excellent (award winning even) Railscasts - the gigantic collection of free screencasts that show you how to pull off daring stunts with Rails (if you're not, go check them out, you're missing a lot!)

As great as…

enum fields in ActiveRecord

Mathieu Martin shows off a plugin that lets you use enum fields in ActiveRecord.

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Rufus Scheduler: Simple Task Scheduling from Rails Apps

Brent Collier of Intridea has written Dead simple task scheduling in Rails that highlights the use of Rufus-Scheduler, by John Mettraux, to perform, well.. dead simple tasks scheduling from a Rails app!

Rufus-Scheduler is the latest version of a scheduler previously known as…


aws_fps: Rails Plugin for Amazon's Flexible Payment Service (FPS)

Amazon Flexible Payments Service is a payments service offered by Amazon that's focused solely at developers. Using Amazon FPS, you can accept payments on your sites from selling goods and services, donations, recurring payments, etc. You get the benefit of easier…

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