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20 Things That Suck About Other People's Rails Code

Chad Fowler surveyed his Twitter audience and came up with 20 Rails Development No-No's. It makes for entertaining reading.

In short, people hate:

  • Code in views
  • Bad tabbing / spacing indentation
  • Lack of tests
  • Misuse of Single Table Inheritance
  • Poor exception handling
  • Ruby idioms they don't understand
  • Rails idioms…

Harsh: Another Rails Syntax Highlighter

Harsh (or Github repository) is "another Rails syntax highlighter" that comes in plugin form and makes it easy to perform syntax highlighting on code in your Rails views. Harsh works in both Erb and Haml views, adopting a rather interesting configuration syntax for…

Re-implementing acts_as_paranoid using default_scope in Rails 2.3

A few months ago Mike Gunderloy wrote 3 Plugins for Safer ActiveRecord Deletions for Rails Inside and mentioned acts_as_paranoid, a plugin that flags ActiveRecord objects as deleted without actually deleting them (this is useful if you might need to "undo" the…


Good Looking Searchable Rails API Docs

"Better" Rails documentation efforts aren't anything new but Vladimir Kolesnikov's attempt titled "Rails Searchable API Doc" is notable for its simplicity and smart presentation. He hasn't changed the usual IRB layout except to add a rather Mac-looking search frame to…


Rails 2.3.2 Released

The "longer than average release candidate phase" is now over and Rails 2.3.2 (don't ask about the .2) has been released. At least, the gems have been pushed to RubyForge and you can now install it with gem install rails,…

Video Review of Rails Magazine Issue 1

A couple of weeks ago, Olimpiu Metiu got in touch with me to tell me about his new Rails magazine, Rails Magazine. We've heard a lot of promises about English-language Rails magazines in the past but little has materialized (not…


The Rails Hosting Survey Results Are In!

Back in January, Planet Argon (a company with a very long history in developing and hosting Rails apps) launched a Rails Hosting Survey. They wanted to find out stuff about Rails developers, their deployment requirements, their experience, what tools they use, and…

FancyRoutes: A Nicer DSL for Routes in Rails

FancyRoutes (or Github repo) is a new Rails plugin that provides a less crufty way to define routes, developed by TRED (a team of Australian Rubyists, including Chris Lloyd, Myles Byrne, Tim Lucas, Carl Woodward - amongst others).

FancyRoutes is just a layer…


Rails 2.3 RC 2 Released (with awesome release notes)

It was over a month ago that Rails 2.3 Release Candidate 1 was released with the note that it'd be a "longer than average release candidate phase" due to all of the amazing things that are going in to 2.3. So…


7 Cool Rails Jobs for March 2009

If you're a Rails developer, the current recession needn't be too hard.. well, depending on where you live! There are quite a few good Rails jobs going out there. If you're looking for one you're in the right place! Recently…

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