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BigOldRailsTemplate - A Whole Dummy App in a Rails Template

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Mike Gunderloy (ex-Rails activist and Rails Inside writer) has hit the ball out of the template park with BigOldRailsTemplate. We've written about Rails 2.3's templating features before, but Mike has taken it way beyond merely installing a few plugins to actually packing an entire dummy application into a single template!

If you're looking to start a new Rails application, consider using Mike's template. It'll save you a ton of time, and you can always remove the parts you're not keen on. Even better, fork it on Github and come up with alternatives.

The README gives the full scoop, but Mike's template includes the following features:

  • Works on Rails 2.3 and assumes a Git-based source control mechanism
  • Authlogic for user authentication
  • A simple authorization system
  • live-validations for client-side JavaScript data validation
  • Attachment management with Paperclip
  • Pagination with will-paginate
  • Search with Searchlogic
  • Testing tools included (Shoulda, Mocha, Object Daddy, parallel-test, rack-bug, and more..)
  • Administration interface using admin-data plugin

And.. this is only scratching the surface. Enjoy!

Alternatively, if you prefer some lighter alternatives, check out Jeremy McAnally's Rails-Templates project for a selection.

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5 Comment Responses to “BigOldRailsTemplate - A Whole Dummy App in a Rails Template”

  1. #1
    Rahil Sondhi Says:

    Awesome! I'll likely be using this for my next project. Thanks!

  2. #2
    Mike Gunderloy Says:

    Thanks Peter! Appreciate the kind words.

    Also, I've already taken a few user requests for things to add, and I'd be happy to look at more or at pull requests. I'm trimming down based on "stuff I would use" but there's still room for improvement.

  3. #3
    Andy Says:

    "Groundwork" is a similar effort. These are very helpful, thanks for your work!

  4. #4
    Brad Says:

    We made a similar attempt with bent_template. I feel our method keeps the master template much more maintainable at the expense of a few extra HTTP GETs.

  5. #5
    Preston Lee Says:

    Nice! Looks like all the core stuff that 90% of real-world Rails apps end of needing.

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