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Hobo 1.0 - A Rapid Rails Web App Builder - Released

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hobo.pngHobo, an open source rapid web app builder for Ruby on Rails, has officially reached Version 1.0 after three years of focused development effort by the Hobo community and sponsorship support from Barquin International in Washington, DC. (Ed note: Hobo was first covered by Ruby Inside just over 3 years ago!)

As part of the celebration the Hobo team are releasing a bunch of new stuff for newcomers and the community to enjoy. As well as a shiny new logo, they're releasing two free ebooks designed to help Hobo developers quickly and easily make the most of the popular toolset — Rapid Rails with Hobo (an introductory book) and Hobo at Work (a more detailed guide)

The current version of Hobo has changed a lot since the early days of the beta, with a number of new features designed to make it super easy to create Rails applications. There's a sophisticated built-in migration generator with automatic index generation, an ultra polished model based UI out of the box and Hobo lifecycles to simplify multi-step processes such as social network friending and 'forgot password', plus a lot more under-the-hood improvements to the codebase and functionality.

Learn more at the official Hobo homepage or try building a Hobo app in just two minutes.

[post by] Tom Locke, the founder of the Hobo project and a Ruby on Rails coder for four years. He is the co-founder and CTO of Artisan Technology, a Ruby on Rails web development company.

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3 Comment Responses to “Hobo 1.0 - A Rapid Rails Web App Builder - Released”

  1. #1
    Massi Says:

    I checked it ... it's a nice peace of cake for the rails ecosystem :-)

    One question, does anyone know the cost of using Hobo in term of speed compared to rails without hobo ?



  2. #2
    Bryan Larsen Says:

    Hobo is a lot slower in development mode than Rails is. In production mode the difference is much less noticeable, yet significant. Standard Rails optimization techniques apply. Fragment caching is easier to do on Hobo than it is on Rails, and has an even bigger bang than it does on Rails.

  3. #3
    Fadhli Rahim Says:

    Just looked at the intro codes. Hobo has too much magic for me imo. What I'm really afraid of using this is the constraint it puts on you if you want to make customization on your app using hobo. But really love the idea of how its super simple to do stuff with hobo.

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