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Aptana RadRails 1.2 Brings Cloud Hosting Support To A Rails IDE

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ar12.pngAptana's RadRails IDE has been coming on leaps and bounds since Aptana got working on it full-time and released version 1.0 a year ago. This month, they released RadRails 1.2, which boasts streamlined Rails app deployment and updating via Aptana's Cloud service, as well as the usual bug fixes and tweaks.

Aptana's Cloud service is like Amazon's EC2 in theory. You pay for what you use. A plan with 256MB of RAM and 5GB storage comes in at $20 a month, 512MB with 10GB for $72, 1GB with 15GB storage for $137, and so on. As with EC2, you get SSH root access, but you can also use the service through Aptana's other tools, including RadRails.

Aptana has put together a screencast demonstrating the cloud service and its interaction with RadRails.

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3 Comment Responses to “Aptana RadRails 1.2 Brings Cloud Hosting Support To A Rails IDE”

  1. #1
    Ryan Townsend Says:

    Typo: "1GB with 15GB RAM for $137", I think you mean "1GB of RAM with 15GB for $137".

  2. #2
    Peter Cooper Says:

    Good call. 15GB RAM would be kinda cool at that rate though... :)

  3. #3
    Derek Says:

    Does anyone that uses Aptana have any performance comparisons to using Amazon servers? We are using Amazon right now, but Aptana at these prices seems it could compete.


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