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Remarkable 3.0 Released: RSpec Matchers and Macros for Rails

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Carlos Brando and José Valim have just released the version 3.0 of Remarkable. If you are crazy for RSpec and use it with Rails, this is a project that you should check out.

Remarkable began as a set of matchers for RSpec, but with this new version it gains support for I18n, pending and disabled macros, more matcher options, extended controller matchers, macro stubs, and a lot of new documentation.

The project is built around a well structured set of gems: remarkable_core, remarkable_activerecord, and remarkable_rails. To install all gems for a Rails project, simply run:

sudo gem install remarkable_rails

The Remarkable team want to take it further by hosting even more matchers. So anyone who wants to work on, say, Remarkable Datamapper, Remarkable Sequel, or Remarkable Sinatra, please step in! Anyone else can also help by joining the Remarkable Google group and posting bugs, matchers, enhancements in the bug tracking system.

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2 Comment Responses to “Remarkable 3.0 Released: RSpec Matchers and Macros for Rails”

  1. #1
    Andrzej Markov Says:

    Those guys are really doing an amazing work. You really got to love their macro stubs DSL and its I18n support!

  2. #2
    Christoph Bünte Says:

    For those who are interested: I just wrote a remarkable tutorial in german language at

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