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Get the Obie Fernandez Wallpaper

In Miscellaneous

obiefernandez.png If you've a Rails developer, no doubt you've probably heard of Obie Fernandez, the founder of Hashrocket and instigator of the controversial Rails Maturity Model. Well, now you can celebrate your love for the chap with this professionally designed wallpaper by nGen Works.

On Obie, nGen say:

A serial entrepreneur, Obie started his first business at the age of 15 and he hasn’t slowed down since. When he’s not traveling around the world preaching the gospel of Rails he’s running one of the world’s most kick ass development shops ever – Hashrocket. Oh yeah, he’s also a great photographer, composer and wrote the best selling book The Rails Way. What an overachieving jerk.

What next? DHH, Giles Bowkett or Zed Shaw wallpaper? Submissions welcomed in the comments here. If you do something good I might use it while at RailsConf.

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15 Comment Responses to “Get the Obie Fernandez Wallpaper”

  1. #1
    Bill DeVaul Says:

    I think it would be Zed Shaw toilet paper....

  2. #2
    Peter Cooper Says:

    Ouch!! :)

  3. #3
    Dr Nic Says:

    Oooh I must be in the wrong building, I was looking for some Rails news. Next door perhaps? Thanks for the directions.

  4. #4
    Peter Cooper Says:

    You don't consider Obie Fernandez wallpaper to be a big deal!?!

    And to think I was going to start

  5. #5
    Giles Bowkett Says:

    My marketing department is working on branded laptop bags, MBP-sized stickers, iPhone cases, USB-powered condoms, glow-in-the-dark dental floss, and adult diapers.

  6. #6
    Dr Nic Says:

    If it came in a variation of background colours, perhaps it'd be news. Or a t-shirt.

  7. #7
    Obie Says:

    Wow, Peter! I had no idea you had become such a big fan, hehehe. Thanks for the free publicity :)

  8. #8
    Manfred Stienstra Says:

    “And to think I was going to start”

    I don't want to see Obie's insides.

  9. #9
    Phil Says:

    I was thinking something like this might be more appropriate for Obie:

  10. #10
    Gustavo Says:

    Que sitio interesante! Quien podría tener un escritorio de este gordo maraca!

  11. #11
    iain Says:

    I was already drinking Obie-branded soda:

  12. #12
    bryanl Says:

    slow news day, eh?

  13. #13
    Peter Cooper Says:

    Bryan: Totally. It's had the most comments for a RaI post in ages though.. :)

  14. #14
    Man, I'm really gay for Yehuda Katz Says:


  15. #15
    Steve Says:

    Here's one for the Railscasts junkies whom set the infamous DHH "Whoops!"(tm) sound clip as their operating system's error tone and pine over TextMate.

    The Ultimate Rails Development Environment...

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