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Rails 2.3.2 Released

In News

railslogo.pngThe "longer than average release candidate phase" is now over and Rails 2.3.2 (don't ask about the .2) has been released. At least, the gems have been pushed to RubyForge and you can now install it with gem install rails, even if the official weblog hasn't quite caught up yet (I suspect they're putting together a bumper post!)

To get you going, you simply can't miss the Ruby on Rails 2.3 Release Notes. Impeccably put together and with a snazzy (and incredibly functional!) new design, these are awesome. The notes briefly cover all of the new features with code examples abound. Some great work. Also be sure to check out Ryan Bates' screencasts of Rails 2.3 features, including: app templates, Rails Engines, and Rails Metal.

Another great source of activity is a Twitter search for Rails 2.3. Geeks go wild.

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4 Comment Responses to “Rails 2.3.2 Released”

  1. #1
    vlad Says:

    Great news!

    However, 2.3.2 gems have no doc changes from

  2. #2
    Noah Stern Says:

    Shouldn't it be => gem update rails if you already have rails installed?

  3. #3
    Peter Cooper Says:

    If you /know/ there's an update, I don't think there's any difference. I've not used gem update for years and most instructions people give goes with gem install just to avoid confusion. The only downside to using gem install is if you already have the latest version you waste time installing it again.

  4. #4
    Noah Stern Says:

    K, thx for the information Peter.

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