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Video Review of Rails Magazine Issue 1

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A couple of weeks ago, Olimpiu Metiu got in touch with me to tell me about his new Rails magazine, Rails Magazine. We've heard a lot of promises about English-language Rails magazines in the past but little has materialized (not forgetting The Rubyist or Germany's RailsWay). It was with much delight, then, that I received an actual, print copy of the magazine in the mail today.

Instead of posting a little blurb about it, however, I figured I'd give it a quick video review:

Review of Rails Magazine from Peter Cooper on Vimeo.

If you're not a video person, in summary it's a great first issue, well put together, it costs $8 (plus shipping), takes about a week to arrive in the UK (hopefully less in the US), features some solid articles, and a free PDF version will be made available each time several weeks after the print version goes out. You can learn more at the magazine's official site at

Update! The free PDF of issue 1 is now available to download!

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2 Comment Responses to “Video Review of Rails Magazine Issue 1”

  1. #1
    Peter Cooper Says:

    Sorry in advance for mispronouncing anyone's names.. :) And I think I mispronounced Adhearsion as well, doh.

  2. #2
    Vesa Nieminen Says:

    After the first issue of Rubyist I've been waiting for MagCloud to start shipping to Finland. They added UK and Canada last month so maybe there is hope : )

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