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Good Looking Searchable Rails API Docs

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"Better" Rails documentation efforts aren't anything new but railssearch.pngVladimir Kolesnikov's attempt titled "Rails Searchable API Doc" is notable for its simplicity and smart presentation. He hasn't changed the usual IRB layout except to add a rather Mac-looking search frame to the left hand side in replacement of the usual file and class lists.

By default, the left hand frame shows an expandable tree of the various components and classes in Rails, but by typing into the search box at the top, you get quick fire links to the documentation you need. All very fast and good looking too.

You can browse the documentation online or download a 2 megabyte ZIP file to keep a local copy. Also of note is Vladimar's rather illustrative site promoting the tool - I'd love to see more like this.

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4 Comment Responses to “Good Looking Searchable Rails API Docs”

  1. #1
    Akhil Bansal Says:

    there is another one I love to use is

  2. #2
    Soleone Says:

    Yea, I really like ApiDock, especially with the TextMate integration:

    But to be fair, this project here is also looking pretty cool!

  3. #3
    pjammer Says:

    This acts like too.

  4. #4
    Andrew Vit Says:

    "this acts like railsbrain"? Can we use it as a template for generating any rdocs? I had a quick look but I couldn't see.

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