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Asciicasts: Railscasts In Text Form

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asciicasts.pngWe're all familiar with Ryan Bates' excellent (award winning even) Railscasts - the gigantic collection of free screencasts that show you how to pull off daring stunts with Rails (if you're not, go check them out, you're missing a lot!)

As great as Ryan's videos are, however, sometimes you might just want to recap what you saw without watching ten minutes of video or, hey, perhaps video just isn't your cup of tea. Enter ASCIIcasts - Railcasts made into text form. ASCIIcasts is not by Ryan Bates, however, it's a project of Eifion Bedford, a British Rails developer.

Initially I thought it was going to be a joke, like an ASCII art video or something, but it's actually just lucid, textual walkthroughs of what Ryan did in his videos. So far only 35 are covered, but this is more than enough to get you going with recapping and learning some awesome Rails techniques again. There are also links on each page to drive you back to the original video for the real deal.

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7 Comment Responses to “Asciicasts: Railscasts In Text Form”

  1. #1
    Ash Says:


  2. #2
    Matthew Lang Says:

    When I first seen this, I thought it was going to be some ASCII art thing as well!

  3. #3
    cbmeeks Says:


    How do you find the time to translate? lol

    You should get with Peepcode and offer a paid version to do the same with his screencasts.

  4. #4
    Peter Cooper Says:

    I don't know if it's consistent but Geoffrey included a "transcript" with one of his latest screencasts. Not quite the same thing but still cool.

  5. #5
    TobyM Says:

    Does anyone else get Admin-looking links like "New episode" and "Edit" on the episode pages themselves? They just redirect back to the home page but for a moment I thought it was going to be a wiki

  6. #6
    Peter Cooper Says:

    I think it's just a lightweight app. Probably has a secret URL that defines an admin mode cookie or something :) (I have some lightweight, unimportant apps that do this.)

  7. #7
    Bob86 Says:

    Images will display in the post, for example, while MP3s and videos are playable directly in the page. ,

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