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Rails 2.3 Release Candidate 1 Released - What's New?

In News

rails-logo.pngDavid Heinemeier Hansson has announced the release of Rails 2.3 Release Candidate 1 (RC1). In a break from the usual rush from RC to a final release, David says that due to the substantial nature of this update this will probably be a "longer than average release candidate phase" in order to get as much testing done as possible. So if you're up for the challenge, try it out with this magical gem command:

gem install rails --source

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Why Rails 2.3 Will Be A Big Deal

Rails typically has significant new features added on a point-by-point basis, but the number of new features in Rails 2.3 (and the scope of their functionality) is mindblowing:

  • Rails 2.3 is now based on Rack
  • Rails Metal (thanks to the aforementioned Rack) - Makes it easy for you to hook up very "bare" request handlers that aren't processed through the entire Rails stack.
  • Nested Model Forms - It's now trivial to create forms that create objects that are on associations with the current model.
  • Rails Templates - Create a Rails application in seconds using templates (basic text scripts) that install plugins, arrange files, set up source code management, and more.
  • Sessions are now lazy-loaded, so if you don't want sessions enabled, don't use them!
  • Engines
  • Improved local caching for all.
  • HTTP Digest authentication support
  • And, naturally, a lot more! The release notes highlight all of the new features wonderfully.

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4 Comment Responses to “Rails 2.3 Release Candidate 1 Released - What's New?”

  1. #1
    whalec Says:

    I've been waiting for this one. Awesome work guys. Nested Model forms && Metal == Awesome

  2. #2
    Clarence Says:

    Awesome news! But does this mean that AWDR 3, about to go to press, is already out of date?

  3. #3
    Peter Cooper Says:

    I don't know, as I haven't seen it. However, the earlier AWDR editions have been out of date for a while already, so anything's an improvement :) The sad thing is.. nearly every print Rails book out there is out of date, just the speed of development, alas :(

  4. #4
    Patrick Stallard Says:

    I just finished a short class in RoR. I'd like to dig deeper now. Does anyone know of any book out there that actually covers Rails 2.3? Or is there simply nothing published yet?

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