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Screencast: How To Upgrade Your Rails 2 App to Rails 3 in 25 Minutes

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Geoffrey Grosenbach (of PeepCode fame) rails3upgrade.pnghas put together a FREE 25 minute screencast showing how he's converted a Rails 2.x app to Rails 3.0. Grab it now before it gets overwhelmed and he wonders why he hasn't charged for it yet ;-)

In the video, Geoffrey takes his personal news site from Rails 2 to 3 and demonstrates the upgrade process live. With the first official beta/release candidate of Rails 3.0 due to drop in the next 24-48 hours, it's well worth watching, if only to get a feel for what might be happening in your near future.

As typical for Geoffrey, the Peepcode is high def and top notch quality. At the least, download a copy for future reference, but be warned.. it's a 100 megabyte download.

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10 Comment Responses to “Screencast: How To Upgrade Your Rails 2 App to Rails 3 in 25 Minutes”

  1. #1
    Mikel Lindsaar Says:

    This peepcode is out of date and unnecessarily complex.

    There have been a ton of fixes to the beta tree, the peepcode includes several steps which are not needed when the beta drops.

    It is unfortunate this is published, it is not an accurate representation of Rails 3 beta or the upgrade path.


  2. #2
    Dogbert Says:

    Mikel: WTF? It's a free screencast. It adds momentum and gears us up for the upgrade!

  3. #3
    Dogbert Says:

    Also... this was done in co-ordination with wycats?

    If it's out of date, someone should tell wycats.

  4. #4
    Mikel Lindsaar Says:

    Dogbert, free is good. No it wasn't done in co-ordination. Yes Yehuda knows.

    The point I am making is not bashing Geoffrey, his peepcodes are good and I have purchased many of them. The point is that Rails 3.0 is not out yet and several of the things he runs into are already fixed.

    Rails 3.0 beta has not been released yet BECAUSE of the issues that are highlighted in this screen cast. They are almost fixed.


  5. #5
    Peter Cooper Says:

    When you put it that way, I see what you mean. Hopefully readers will check out these comments and be aware of these issues or Geoffrey might even update that page with a note.

  6. #6
    Martijn van Brandevoort Says:

    *ashamed* What about my Rails 1.2 apps?

  7. #7
    Ratbert Says:

  8. #8
    Modulatr Says:

  9. #9
    Geoffrey Grosenbach Says:

    Wow, you can't buy this kind of publicity! Thanks, Peter.

    The screencast was filmed from scratch within the last 24 hours, run straight from the Rails repository. I spent the entire day on IRC with Yehuda and Carl hammering out issues that I ran into on Sunday (I scrapped that screencast and started fresh on Monday).

    This is what we do as open source developers on the Internet, people! We use cutting edge software, we share our experiences, and we know that it could all change at a moment's notice.

    That's what Dr. Nic did back in early November when he showed people how to install Rails 3.0pre (nearly none of which is accurate now). That's what Yehuda did months ago when he started publicizing bundler (which has radically changed since then). That's what Jeremy McAnally did last week when he wrote a script that identifies the parts of a Rails 2 app that needs to be changed to work with Rails 3.

    I did this screencast in a single afternoon. I plan to update it when bugs are fixed in the upcoming beta and official release. Stay tuned!

  10. #10
    Geoffrey Says:

    Great Geoffrey, I would love to see updates.

    The current problem with rails3 is: people are already documenting far too much.
    This will lead to lots of broken articles on the interwebs and lots of frustrations with people starting with rails3.

    I had an evening just like that, right after watching your screencast!
    rails3 is really not even ready for beta right now, I wish it was, but there still are too many changes.

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