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Awesome Fresh Rails Documentation To Enjoy

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It seems that some rather good writers have been very busy, because as if from no-where, a whole batch of awesome new Rails manuals (seemingly up to Rails 2.1 standards) have made an appearance at

There are no credits, but the content is all of a high quality. Including:

These guides are of a high quality and bound to be of use to all Rails developers - novice to expert.

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3 Comment Responses to “Awesome Fresh Rails Documentation To Enjoy”

  1. #1
    Pratik Says:

    Hey RailsInside

    Thanks for posting about this! We have added credits to the guides. Also, this is part of the guides hackfest and is work in progress.

  2. #2
    AkitaOnRails Says:

    Awesome! Any chance to have the source code for the documentation site available? I would love to start a translation process (for brazilian portuguese). Congrats for the effort!

  3. #3
    Pratik Says:

    Hey Akita,

    All the information is at Hackfest page. Feel free to catch any of us in #rails-contrib @

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