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Make I18n Simple with the Translate Plugin

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translate_plugin.png Translate (or Github repository) is a Rails plugin (for 2.2 and above) that makes internationalizing your Rails apps ridiculously easy.

Rather than work your way through a bundle of views and YAML files doing your translations, you can instead do them via a Web interface using Translate. This makes it a lot easier for you to get third parties to do your translation. Translate mounts a Web interface at /translate on your app where you can select the to and from languages, search for keys and texts, and enter translations. The plugin then writes the translations to the relevant YAML files live.

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2 Comment Responses to “Make I18n Simple with the Translate Plugin”

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    Ade Says:

    We also released has_foreign_language, which "makes it easy to internationalize your database without mucking up your views and controllers or having to write a bunch of YAML."

  2. #2
    ty Says:

    I've put up a locale YMAL auto translator. It understand YAML format and can automatically translate your YMAL into othere languages. Saves a lot of time for i18n projects.

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