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Building a Rails Multi-Staging Environment with Capistrano and Passenger

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capistrano.png In the last year, Phusion Passenger (a.k.a. mod_rails) has become a popular way (possibly even the popular way) to deploy Rails and Rack-based applications. If you're not a Passenger user yet or if you haven't set it up along with a Capistrano staging environment, Christian Johansen has put together an excellent walkthrough called Multi-staging environment for Rails using Capistrano and mod_rails.

Christian hasn't written your run of the mill blog post. He goes through step by step on installing Passenger (which is only a few lines really), setting up a VirtualHost, and then, and this is the tricky bit, setting up Capistrano to make ultimately deployment a one-line process. He's included a lot of code in the post, including a full config/deploy.rb file you can use as a guide for your own setup.

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    Neeraj Says:

    Nice one. I have something similar and this lets you get started all the way from a brand new slice from slicehost.

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