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Streamlined: Beautiful User Interfaces Out Of The Box

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recipes.pngStreamlined is a Rails plugin that can give your Rails application beautiful user interfaces right out of the box. You need to have your models and controllers setup already, but once you have, you add a single layout line, along with acts_as_streamlined and you're ready to go.

If you want to see more screenshots and get an idea of how to develop a very simple application from scratch, check out "Java Kicks Ruby In The What Now", an article that rebuffs a recent piece of prime trolling from the Java community against Rails' lack of good scaffolding. Streamlined demonstrates that it's possible and easy - just that you might need a third party library to actually get there..

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9 Comment Responses to “Streamlined: Beautiful User Interfaces Out Of The Box”

  1. #1
    Martijn Says:

    Though Streamlined is quite nice, it hasn't been updated in six months and does not work with Rails 2.3

  2. #2
    Peter Cooper Says:

    Heh, good point...! This reminds me why Rails Inside hasn't been updated for a month. I don't even use Rails anymore, lol. Perhaps it's time to shut the old girl down and focus on what I do know - Ruby! :)

  3. #3
    Craig Buchek Says:

    While I like Streamlined quite a bit, it's not maintained any more, so I'd recommend against using it.

    The only thing similar that I can recommend is ActiveScaffold. I have some reservations about it, though. For example, the demo on the web site has not worked for many months. However, development on ActiveScaffold is quite active on GitHub.

  4. #4
    Peter Cooper Says:

    I hope someone can fork it and pick up the pieces though. Streamlined looks really darn good.

    Anyway, a link to ActiveScaffold for those who'd like one.. :)

  5. #5
    Francesc Says:

    Here's an alternative to Streamlined, Typus ( I've received a lot of good feedback about it.

    Works with Rails and it's used in production in a lot of sites. It's available as a gem and as a plugin, has multilanguage support (english, spanish, portuguese and russian), has a good test coverage, and the development is quite active as there have been some donations.

  6. #6
    Andy Says:

    We're building a prototype app, and using a theme from along with a jquery table plugin, to get something rolling quickly that looks decent. You get a nice collection of styles for tables, forms etc. Ryan Bates's nifty_scaffold makes some nice improvements over scaffold generated files as well. For this project a designer may not be involved until later.

  7. #7
    Maxim Gubin Says:

    What about hobo?

  8. #8
    Neeraj Says:

    Checkout admin_data ( live demo at

  9. #9
    ray Says:

    I looked at Hobo.

    I tried Streaamlined for a while but it could not handle conditional selects in a multi tenant application. I had to abandon it.(Also it is no longer supported)

    I then tried Activescaffold and have not met any technical show stoppers ...

    The documentation is not good but it has a very active helpful user group.

    'Google code search' will also give you lots of Activescaffold code examples.

    I can recommend Activescaffold.

    Formtastic may also be an option for some. I have not tried it.


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