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How To Score Your Rails App's Complexity Before Refactoring

Every Rails developer must refactor their Rails code at some time. Ruby's dynamic nature makes it difficult for generic tools to understand what Ruby is doing though. Once you add Rails macros and metaprogramming into the mix you really need…


RailsTutorial.org: Michael Hartl's Awesome New Rails Tutorial

RailsTutorial.org, a.k.a. the Ruby on Rails Tutorial, is an all new Ruby on Rails tutorial being developed by Michael Hartl (of RailsSpace and Insoshi fame). Drafts are currently live for chapters 1 through 4 and the tutorial aims to be a thorough…


Rails 2.3.4 + SWFUpload: Gracefully Degrading Rails File Uploads

Over on the Jetpack Flight Log, Brian Racer demonstrates how to use SWFUpload with Rails 2.3.4 to implement slick, yet gracefully degrading, Rails file uploads powered by Flash. It's an impressive walkthrough post.

If you've uploaded photos or videos to Flickr or…


Asciicasts: Railscasts In Text Form

We're all familiar with Ryan Bates' excellent (award winning even) Railscasts - the gigantic collection of free screencasts that show you how to pull off daring stunts with Rails (if you're not, go check them out, you're missing a lot!)

As great as…


Scaling Rails - A free 13-part series of screencasts

New Relic - the Rails app performance monitoring folks - has launched RailsLab, a free resource for Rails developers who want to learn about things relating to Rails application performance. They've kicked it off with a free 13 part screencast series by…


Building a Rails Multi-Staging Environment with Capistrano and Passenger

In the last year, Phusion Passenger (a.k.a. mod_rails) has become a popular way (possibly even the popular way) to deploy Rails and Rack-based applications. If you're not a Passenger user yet or if you haven't set it up along with a Capistrano staging environment,…


Setting Up a Rails Development Environment on Windows

Fabio Akita has put together a comprehensive walkthrough blog post on setting up a Rails development environment on Windows. This isn't particularly tricky in any case, but Fabio presents some good practices that only become apparent through experience (of which…


Rails Internationalization Tutorial In An App

Clemens Kofler has put together a rather novel "tutorial" for Rails' new internationalization and localization features. Instead of being a typical tutorial on a Web page, the tutorial comes as a Rails app. To get started:

git clone git://github.com/clemens/i18n_demo_app.gitcd i18n_demo_app./script/server



Free PDF Guide to Adobe Flex 3 on Rails 2

DZone has released a new entry in their "Refcardz" series (short PDFs that rapidly walk through a single topic) called Flexible Rails: Flex 3 on Rails 2. It was written by Peter Armstrong of Ruboss and covers how to use Adobe's Flex…

Rails 2.1 Caching Walkthrough

Rob Anderton has put together an easy-to-read walkthrough of some of the new caching features in Rails 2.1. One of the coolest new features is that Rails provides an abstraction to using the back-end caching features (whether ultimately provided by…