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Devise: Flexible Authentication for Pragmatic Rails Developers

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devizes.pngDevise (GitHub repo) is a new Rails authentication library/engine developed by Brazilian development company Plataforma. It's pitched as a "flexible authentication solution for Rails." Devise builds upon Warden, a general Rack authentication middleware, while offering Rails developers a flexible but easy to use front end.

Plataforma's blog post about Devise says that it's different to the incumbent libraries, Clearance and Authlogic, in that it provides a full stack solution like Clearance (unlike Authlogic) but allows you to use a custom model (not just "User") and gives you customized role support. It also has full i18n (internatiionalization) support out of the box and Plataforma has made available a complete demo app showing off how Devise can work within a small Rails app.

Devise is a full stack authentication system that provides 5 "strategies" out of the box. A strategy for authentication, one for "confirmations" (e-mails, etc), one for "recovering" accounts, one for "remembering" logins over time, and one to "validate" signups. You can, however, add your own strategies depending on what you need to do (they suggest a "invitations" strategy).

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6 Comment Responses to “Devise: Flexible Authentication for Pragmatic Rails Developers”

  1. #1
    José Valim Says:

    Hey Peter,

    Thanks for covering our work on Rails Inside!

    Just today we released a new blog post, telling about the generators added to Devise.
    Maybe you could update the post to include a link to the new post as well?


  2. #2
    Dan Pickett Says:

    I actually like the fact that numerous authentication engines are coming around. It seemed like for so long, restful_auth was the de facto standard. Options are good, and I like that each library has certain tradeoffs.

  3. #3
    Devise Tutorial « Thinking In Rails Says:

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  4. #4
    richardgonzales Says:

    Wow! You guys covered a lot on this one! Forked!
    Will surely use this on one of my upcoming projects!
    Great work, guys!

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    [...] Devise: Flexible Authentication for Pragmatic Rails Developers [...]

  6. #6
    sanjay Says:

    How will we configure mailer?

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