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Making Highrise faster with memcached

David Heinemeier Hansson looks at how 37signals has used caching (with memcached) to speed up Highrise.

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3 Upcoming Rails Events in Early 2009

Already itching to attend another Rails event? 2008 had some good ones and a few are coming back again already early in the year.

acts_as_conference 2009 - February 6 & 7, 2009 - Orlando, Florida, USA

acts_as_conference is a Florida-based Rails conference. Last year…

Krauter: New router for Rails

Jeremy McAnally has released krauter, a new router for Rails. It's described as: Tiny (200 lines fool!), quick (adding routes so fast it hurts and competes with current router otherwise), and agile ('s not more agile. But it sounds cool.)



Geokit: Geocoding and Location Finding on Rails 2.2

It's not exactly new - we covered it on Ruby Inside back in early 2007 - but Geokit, a geocoding and location finder plugin for Rails, has recently been updated and is now Rails 2.2 compatible. Not only that, but it's…

Rails and Merb Bury the Hatchet

One of the most persistent memes of the Rails world - that the Rails and Merb teams are locked in a titanic battle for the mindshare of developers using Ruby web frameworks - died abruptly today, in the aftermath of…


5 Interesting Rails Jobs for December 2008

Looking for a job where you can work on Rails apps? You're in the right place! Recently we've had several Rails-focused positions added to the Ruby jobs board. Alternatively, if you're a company looking to hire Ruby and Rails developers…

GitHub Keeps Busy: Adds Pages and Forked Queues

It may be the holiday season, but the folks behind GitHub are clearly not taking the month off. In the last few days, they've rolled out two big new features in their continuing quest to be the place for git-based hosting.



Metal: Super-fast Endpoints within your Rails Apps

Yesterday, David Heinemeier Hansson officially announced Rails Metal - a new feature of edge Rails (and so Rails 2.3). Metal uses edge Rails' use of Rack to present a more barebones interface to incoming requests. Instead of routing every request through the…

Wagn: A Revolutionary Open Source Wiki on Rails

Everyone knows how wikis work by now - but when was the last time you saw a wiki that struck you as advancing the state of the art? Despite scores of implementations, most wikis are similar to the original. But…

13 Rails Practices to Avoid

Josh Symonds writes Rails Worst Practices: 13 Coding Nightmares You Should Avoid.

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