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Yet More Attractive Graphs: Open Flash Chart Library Ported For Use With Rails

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Open Flash Chart is an open source Flash charting tool that can produce a wide range of attractive graphs and charts. Developer Charlie Snider has announced that he has ported the code to Ruby, primarily for use with Rails. He has provided a large number of demonstrations with example code. The library is LGPL (or MIT - it's optional) licensed, and the Ruby bindings are now available in the main .zip download of the library.

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4 Comment Responses to “Yet More Attractive Graphs: Open Flash Chart Library Ported For Use With Rails”

  1. #1
    peterpunk Says:

    I started to build a plugin for Rails and compatible with Sinatra to use the new alpha version 2

    Documentation still in beta

    Also you can download the sinatra app supporting documentation.


  2. #2
    lisukorin Says:

    I build another implementation in ruby (Rails plugin) for Open Flash Chart version 2 aplha 7, go to for more details.

  3. #3
    monk.e.boy Says:

    Yay! Lots of libraries!! Keep up the good work fellas :-)

    Don't just copy the PHP lib, make yours better, easier, simpler. Show me how to improve the libs!


  4. #4
    PullMonkey Says:

    Wow, thanks for the post. Sent my page visits sky rocketing :) I finally got open flash chart out on github - It is version 2, as in it follows monk.e.boy's json implementation. The code is way, way better. Sorry for all those that stuck with the first version for so long.

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