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Building a Blog in 15 Minutes with Rails 2.2: A New Screencast

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Anyone who got into Rails a few years ago should remember a very popular "building a weblog in 15 minutes video" by David Heinemeier Hansson. It was potentially responsible for most of Rails' ongoing success as the video demonstrated all of the beauty of Rails in an easily digestible way (if you still want to see this historic video - based on Rails 0.5! - click here). Now, Ryan Bates of fame has recorded a new 15 minute "creating a weblog with Rails 2.2" video (50MB, Quicktime format).

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5 Comment Responses to “Building a Blog in 15 Minutes with Rails 2.2: A New Screencast”

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    Alex MacCaw Says:

    And, if you want the sounds effects from the last screencast:

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    ysf Says:

    Nice, I really liked the content abd learned something new, but it's way too fast. I'd prefer a 18~20min screencast over this hounded one. Don't forget that not all viewers are native english speakers.

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    nat Says:

    True it's fast but it can be stopped and replayed etc. Much prefer fast and loaded with great info than dragged out and sparse.

    Just one small comment: in the testing section, the long text lines to the right of the screen don't show - ever.

    other than that - FANTASTIC!!! - Thanks!!!

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