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5 Interesting Rails Jobs for December 2008

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Looking for a job where you can work on Rails apps? You're in the right place! Recently we've had several Rails-focused positions added to the Ruby jobs board. Alternatively, if you're a company looking to hire Ruby and Rails developers and you're in the US, head over to the job board too - it costs $99 for 60 days of exposure, and your jobs get featured in a post like this too!

This month's interesting opportunities:


Web Application Developer (Los Angeles, CA): CitrusByte is a Los Angeles-based Rails development shop. They're looking for a Rails developing team player with experience over the whole life of developing a Web app. You'll be happy working with cutting edge technologies and need to be ultimately pragmatic. Click here to apply or learn more.


Remote Worker for Rails Operations & Bug Fixing (San Francisco, CA): Bolt | Peters is a cognitive science research and design firm based in San Francisco. They're looking for a mature, experienced Rails professional who can get up to speed with a moderately sized Rails application in order to provide bug fixes, operational support, and develop minor new features for the app. You need to be able to work during Californian office hours. Click here to apply or learn more.


Interactive Application Developer (San Francisco, CA): WestEd is a non-profit research, development and service agency with a focus in the educational market. They've been ranked in the top 100 places to work in the Bay Area. They're looking for true problem solvers who are comfortable with UNIX-like environments, Ruby, Rails, databases, and HTML. Click here to apply or learn more.


Rails Developer for Activists (San Francisco, CA): Radical Designs is a small software development and strategic consulting company devoted to progressive, grassroots social change. They're looking for a developer to join a small agile development team. They work in one or two week iterations, use RSpec, and open source all of their code. You'll need to be very happy working in a small team and have a strong / diverse skill set to match. Click here to apply or learn more.

didit.pngAgile Rails Developer (Rockville Centre, Long Island, NY): Didit is an online marketing company within commuting distance of New York City. They're looking for a Rails developer happy with a hybrid XP agile model of working. Click here to apply or learn more.

Still looking for a job? There are even more over at RubyNow's jobs section and on the 37signals Job Board! If you're looking for a job in the UK or Europe, you might consider contacting Ruby People.

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