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Spree: Open Source E-commerce for Rails Apps Gets Even Better

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spree-new-logo.png Back in September 2008, we posted about Spree, an open source Rails e-commerce platform that was then in its infancy. Now, however, Spree is truly flying. New versions are coming out frequently and there are more and more established sites using it to provide e-commerce functionality. Spree also just made it into GitHub's top 10 forked projects this week.

So why post about it again here? Well, our readership has grown a lot in the last year and Spree is a strong open source project that's both incredibly useful and worth knowing about in case you have a need for it in the future.

For those who are totally new to Spree, there's a live demo at and an extensive list of features here. Spree has come a long way in the last year - give it a look!

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4 Comment Responses to “Spree: Open Source E-commerce for Rails Apps Gets Even Better”

  1. #1
    Sean Schofield Says:

    Thanks for the mention. We love it when you guys plug us because we end up getting a ton of new contributions and improvements every time you do! The upcoming version is going to have theme support which will really kick ass!

  2. #2
    Parasols Says:

    Spree is great, Keep up the good work!

  3. #3
    Dalesh Kowlesar Says:

    Spree is great. Thanks for the information. Will give it a test drive to see if it fits my needs. Thanks again!

  4. #4
    Benches Says:

    Agreed! I think that Spree gets better all the time. We used to use Magento but now we have had a trial with Spree there is no going back. Please tell us more about whats else we should look at.

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