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aws_fps: Rails Plugin for Amazon's Flexible Payment Service (FPS)

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aws.pngAmazon Flexible Payments Service is a payments service offered by Amazon that's focused solely at developers. Using Amazon FPS, you can accept payments on your sites from selling goods and services, donations, recurring payments, etc. You get the benefit of easier interaction with the millions of existing Amazon customers and access to Amazon's proven fraud detection platform. Warning: Only businesses with a US-based credit card can sign up for Amazon FPS!

Rails developer C. Scott Andreas wanted to use Amazon FPS for his own project but found that Amazon's existing examples was written for Rails 1.2.3 and was pretty ugly. So he's developed aws_fps (Github repository), an up to date Rails plugin that takes care of "the nuts and bolts of interfacing with Amazon's FPS." He's very keen to point out, however, that it's not recommended for production use and that if you want to use it, you need to read through the source code and be comfortable with how it operates (and tweak it to your own liking).

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2 Comment Responses to “aws_fps: Rails Plugin for Amazon's Flexible Payment Service (FPS)”

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    Jon Crawford Says:

    No offense to Scott, but as you said, aws_fps is not ready for prime time yet. My app,, runs on top of an FPS gem called Remit by Tyler Hunt, and it works great.

    Remit has a lot more features than aws_fps. I've checked out 3 or 4 different FPS Ruby solutions and Remit is currently the way to go.

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    cbmeeks Says:

    Is there a service out there (such as Paypal, fps, etc) that allows something like the "BillPay" from my bank? Basically, I can print out a check from my bank and mail it to anyone.

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