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Geokit: Geocoding and Location Finding on Rails 2.2

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geokit.pngIt's not exactly new - we covered it on Ruby Inside back in early 2007 - but Geokit, a geocoding and location finder plugin for Rails, has recently been updated and is now Rails 2.2 compatible. Not only that, but it's now available as a separate gem rather than solely as a plugin.

Developed by Bill Eisenhauer and Andre Lewis, GeoKit makes it easy to build location-based apps. You get a range of geocoding and location based features, such as distance calculation, out of the box. If you wanted to, say, find all items in your database located within a 20 mile radius (and assuming those items have geographical coordinates associated with them) you can do it with Geokit.

Geokit is now also hosted on Github - in geokit-gem and geokit-rails repositories.

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2 Comment Responses to “Geokit: Geocoding and Location Finding on Rails 2.2”

  1. #1
    grosser Says:

    i your displaying markers on maps/searching for objects around other objects have a look at has_a_location ( ) geokit addon (not gemified yet ...)

  2. #2
    keithnorm Says:

    Was hoping this would mean some added 'named_scope' compatibility. The only way I could do it is to use a select statement ({:select => "*, #{distance_sql} as distance}) which then hinders the use of :include. Any other ideas?

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