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Fully Tested SQL Server 2000 & 2005 Adapter for Rails 2.2

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Do you need to use Microsoft's SQL Server as the database system for your Rails application (or, would you like to)? A group of developers (Ken Collins, Murray Steele, Shawn Balestracci, Joe Rafaniello, and Tom Ward) have developed the Rails SQL Server 2000-2005 adapter for Rails 2.2 (SQL Server 2008 fans may need to wait).

Of particular importance is that the library passes "all tests" and they want it to continue to do so moving forward. Having good tests and passing those tests is key for something as important as a database adapter, so it's great to see they're up and running solidly with Rails 2.2 already.

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7 Comment Responses to “Fully Tested SQL Server 2000 & 2005 Adapter for Rails 2.2”

  1. #1
    Peter Cooper Says:

    I do know this isn't the first SQL Server adapter, btw, but the claims they make make it worth mentioning specifically.

  2. #2
    Nate Sutton Says:

    Mad props to these guys. With all the MicroHate in the rails community, it takes some cajones to bring in support for this db. Shawn, I know, is brilliant, so I'd bet this software is brilliant as well.


  3. #3
    Charles Roper Says:

    Great to see Windows devs getting (and giving) some love. Really hope this is a sign of things to come.

  4. #4
    Rails Fanboy Says:

    These guys are doing a bang up job. And their not selling books, PDF or screencasts of any kind!

    I am very grateful to them for their hard work!

  5. #5
    Victor Says:

    Is there any place where I can see the use of this driver? I have now idea how to setup the database.yml for it to work.

  6. #6
    Ken Collins Says:

    I'm the maintainer for the current adapter. We now have it on RubyForge that can be installed in the de facto name "activerecord-sqlserver-adapter". The github project is the same. Oh, BTW, it now supports SQL Server 2008 too.

    BTW, I'm a Mac dev :) I have no love for SQL Server or Microsoft, I just happen to have a day job that has it as the back end. Cheers :)

  7. #7
    Ramon Says:

    Nice to see that you keep an eye on Rails blogs and respond to things, Ken :) And thanks for the adapter.

    I'm just a little confused: There are at least two projects, one called activerecord-sqlserver-adapter, one called 2000-2005 adapter (that also supports 2008). There are forks on github of an older svn version of activerecord-sqlserver-adapter, yet the latest developments seem to have gone into 2000-2005 adapter (on Github) and not migrated back to the Rubyforge release of activerecord-sqlserver-adapter.

    What should one pick to get the very latest and "official" adapter? :(

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