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Rails Guides Hackfest - Get Prizes For Working on Rails Documentation

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Outside of thread safety and internationalization support (both of which will be supported in Rails 2.2), one of the most maligned areas for Rails development has been the online documentation.

An effort to improve that situation though was recently posted on the Rails Weblog with the announcement of a Rails Guide Hackfest. For the Hackfest, they're asking for people to submit guides on a variety of Rails subject to help lower the barrier of entry for new Rails developers.

For each guide that is accepted the author will receive ALL of the following prizes :

  • $200 from the Caboose Rails Documentation Project
  • 1 year Micro account on GitHub
  • 1 year of RPM Basic (Rails performance management solution from New Relic ) for up to 10 hosts

You can see a list of requested guides at the Rails Guides Lighthouse and you can read more information about the Hackfest at

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