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Rails 2.2 To Be Thread Safe

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David Heinemeier Hansson has announced that thanks to some solid work by Josh Peek over the summer, Rails 2.2 will be "thread safe." This will remove one of the common complaints against Rails from Merb fans and enable Rails to be extremely more efficient. While the most popular deployment of Ruby itself (MRI 1.8) doesn't support system threads yet, thread safety is a huge deal because it removes a lot of concurrency issues even with the existing Ruby interpreters.

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One Comment Response to “Rails 2.2 To Be Thread Safe”

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    Mikel Lindsaar Says:

    That is fantastic news.

    I recently had a perfect problem that needed threads... one request had to hit a couple of different databases and combine the result to the view. With threads, this could execute in about 2 seconds, without threads, it takes 9 seconds.

    Big difference and glad to see this is now getting handled. Thanks for the heads up.


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