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Rails 2.2: Internationalizaton Implemented In Anger

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Sven Fuchs is part of the team working on internationalization in the forthcoming Rails 2.2. Work began in September 2007 with the team deciding that enough was enough with the sloppy support for internationalization in Rails. They wanted to "eliminate the need for monkey patching Rails in order to internationalize an application" by "implementing a minimal, common I18n API that can be leveraged by all I18n/L10n solutions." Sounds like a pipedream, right? Well, they did it!

Sven has written a handy guide to the internationalization / localization features within Rails 2.2 (or edge - available as a gem). The I18n module provides a simple set of methods for looking up and defining translations, pluralizations, and the like.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or reports (or are simply curious and want to learn more) check out the Rails I18n group.

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    Diego Carrion Says:

    Hi, an updated guide can be found here:

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