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Rails Magazine Issue 5 Available (Free)

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railsmag5.pngRails Magazine editor Olympiu Metiu has let us know that the fifth issue of Rails Magazine is now available for free in PDF format. If you're not familiar with the magazine, check out our video review of the first issue to get a feel for what it's about.

Issue 5 has been billed "Winter Jam" and features these articles:

  • Authentication with Gigya by Curtis Jennings Schofield
  • Background Processing in Rails by Erik Andrejko
  • On Your Rails (and Ruby) Education by Bob Martens
  • Sinatra: Fast Web Application in Ruby by Carlo Pecchia
  • Sprockets by Starr Horne
  • Adding Pre-made Extensions to Radiant CMS by Casper Fabricius
  • Protecting Your Application From Impostors by Gavin Morrice
  • Geography division select tag by Satish Kota
  • RailsBridge: Rebooting the Rails Community by Mike Gunderloy
  • Prince: Powerful PDF Generation by Michael Bleigh
  • Ruby C Extension Development by Claudio Fiorini
  • Using the Twitter API with Ruby by Brian Rivard
  • Continuous Integration Tools in Rails by Saurabh Bhatia
  • Active Scaffold by Payal Gupta
  • Implement a Full Text Search Engine with Xapian by Amit Mathur

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