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Join the Rails Bugmash: September 26-27, 2009

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monstermash.JPGRemember the Rails Hackfests of 2007 and 2008? Basically you could jump in to fixing Rails bugs and providing patches and you'd get recognition? Well, RailsBridge and the Rails Core team are running a BugMash under similar principles next week in order to get the number of open tickets down.

Dan Pickett has more to share about the event:

We held our first event in August. With over 100 participants, we cleared out 130 tickets. Even cooler, 35 people had their first-ever patch to Rails accepted. We hope that more people will join in on the fun this time around.

We’ll identify open issues that need help and tag them in Lighthouse, beforehand. During the weekend of the 26th and the 27th, the Rails Core team will be there to incorporate patches and support participants in making the most of their time.

Participants can help in 4 ways:

-Confirm that the bug can be reproduced
-If it can’t be reproduced, try to figure out what information would make it possible to reproduced
-If it can be reproduced, add the missing pieces: better repro instructions, a failing patch, and/or a patch that applies cleanly to the current Rails source
-Bring promising tickets to the attention of the Core team

RailsBridge is organizing both face-to-face and online support for BugMash participants. The plan is to do everything possible to make it easy to start contributing to Rails, and to increase even further the substantial pool of developers who have helped make Rails what it is.

For more details, including a checklist of what you can do to get ready to work in the Rails source and details on a scoring system and rewards for the most active participants, keep an eye on the RailsBridge Wiki.

If you've ever wanted to say "my code is in Rails!" or just contribute back to the Rails community, this is a great chance.

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