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Run Rails Apps on Nginx In Minutes with Passenger 2.2.1

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Two days ago, Phusion (@phusion_nl on Twitter) announced the release of Passenger 2.2.0, a significant update to the dream-come-true Apache module for deploying Rack-based Ruby applications (including Rails, Sinatra, and Ramaze apps). The big deal? It now supports Nginx too. Yes, you can be up and running with your Rails app on an Nginx-based stack in several minutes. This release coincides with the first anniversary of Phusion's founding, and Hongli Lai and Ninh Bui have done a great job, with Passenger / mod_rails now the most popular deployment method.

Today, Phusion has released Passenger 2.2.1. It's just a bug fix release over 2.2.0, but you'll want to go with it. If you've already installed 2.2.0, upgrade instructions are provided.

Peepcode's Geoffrey Grosenbach has even produced a screencast demonstrating how to get going with Passenger on Nginx. It's pretty easy. If you aren't yet using Nginx, Passenger's installer will install Nginx for you and by just adding a single server block into the Nginx configuration file (as seen on Phusion's blog post), your app will be rolling.

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