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rails-doc-org.png is a new attempt at organizing Rails' documentation by a Finnish company called Nodeta. As well as providing a quick way to search and browse through the existing documentation (with live search and keyboard accessible navigation), Rails-doc also allows registered members to annotate and leave notes against entries.'s aim at improving Rails' documentation is not without precedent with The Rails Documentation Project and Noobkit as two other notable attempts.

Fabio Cevasco (a.k.a. h3rald) has put together a solid review post featuring an interview with Mikael Roos, a developer from Nodeta involved with the project. Roos points out that an ultimate goal of is to allow Rails' documentation writers to produce better documentation based off of the notes left by's users. He notes that the project doesn't have any acknowledgement from David Heinemeier Hansson as yet, although this is perhaps unsurprising as Hansson has not tended to focus on Rails' documentation in the past.

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    Mikael Roos Says:

    Thanks to Fabio Cevasco and Rails Inside for noting our project!

    I thought I'd just add that DHH actually did got back to us on a positive note.

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