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Rails Inside A-Go-Go!

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Photo by ButterflySha - CC 2.0 Attribution License

Welcome to the first post on Rails Inside, a new Rails blog dedicated to providing the latest Rails news, choice tutorials, and other useful links and resources on a daily / near-daily basis.

If you're already a subscriber of Ruby Inside you mostly know what to expect. One new feature, however, is "From The Rails Blogosphere" posts. These are small posts that only appear on the site (not in the feed) that link to interesting articles, tutorials, or other sites from the rest of the Rails blogosphere. Planet sites don't do a bad job of covering the blogosphere, but there's a lot of noise. "From The Rails Blogosphere" items will be those I have personally checked out and given the thumbs up.

I won't waste any more time here explaining what Rails Inside is, as even if you don't get it yet it'll become apparent very soon. Thanks for reading and I hope you'll subscribe. Let's hope Rails Inside can go for the two-plus years that Ruby Inside has so far. Here's to the future!

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