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6 Interviews With Rails Testing Gurus

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noelrappin.png Noel Rappin - author of Professional Ruby on Rails, published by Wrox - is the author of Rails Test Prescriptions, a forthcoming book on Rails testing techniques and methodologies. Noel has also written Getting Started With Testing Your Rails Application, a 49 page PDF that deftly walks through how to test a Rails application (or, rather, develop an app using test-first practices) - if you're not hot on testing, it's well worth reading!

As part of the build-up around the forthcoming Rails Test Prescriptions, Noel has interviewed six prominent test-crazy Rails developers:

  • Noel Rappin (yes, himself!)
  • Geoffrey Grosenbach (Peepcode)
  • Gregg Pollack (RailsEnvy)
  • Ryan Bates (Railscasts)
  • James Golick (Giraffesoft)
  • Chad Fowler (RubyCentral)

One of the best ways to be good at something is to imitate those who are already good at something, so check out how these guys operate and, if you like the cut of their jib, steal their ideas for your own personal testing philosophy.

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4 Comment Responses to “6 Interviews With Rails Testing Gurus”

  1. #1
    Jeremy Says:

    Wow, how did he not interview Mr. TATFT, Bryan Liles? He's the most test-crazy Rubyist I've ever seen.

  2. #2
    Peter Cooper Says:

    Good point!! Although I imagine it's a continuing series so hopefully he'll get to him soon.

    As far as interviews go though, I found these quite interesting to read (unlike many others). You don't get insight into people's testing methodologies too often. Glad he didn't interview me though because I'm crap at it.

  3. #3
    Anthony Green Says:

    I wouldn't consider any of those six to be *top* Ruby testers. Heres my alternative list (based on presentations, books, blog posts):

    Dave Astel
    David Chelimsky
    Yehuda Katz
    Ryan Davis
    Bryan Helmkamp
    Jim Weirich

  4. #4
    rails developers Says:

    good news! testing methodology is a weak point sometimes. thank you!

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