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lv.png I'm leaving to start my RailsConf trip tomorrow morning, swinging by Los Angeles for a couple of days beforehand. I'll be wearing my usual red glasses and will be eager to talk to anyone about their projects for coverage either here or on Ruby Inside. If you want to follow my movements around the conference, etc, you can follow me on Twitter at @peterc.

Other than that, there's little to say. I'll be trying to do some audio recordings, bring you daily gonzo-esque posts, as well as bits of news here and there. If something interesting goes down, I'll try and cover it either here or on Ruby Inside, depending on what's appropriate.

If you want to contact me to invite me to your booth, give me your news, or anything like that, e-mail rubyinside -at- I look forward to talking to many of you who'll be there!

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