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3 Upcoming Rails Events in Early 2009

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Already itching to attend another Rails event? 2008 had some good ones and a few are coming back again already early in the year.


acts_as_conference 2009 - February 6 & 7, 2009 - Orlando, Florida, USA

acts_as_conference is a Florida-based Rails conference. Last year was a success - selling out all 150 tickets. The 2009 conference is now all ready to go. 175 tickets will be up for grabs this time (costing just $125!) - the venue will be even better than in 2008 and breakfast and lunch will be supplied on both days of the conference - can't say fairer than that. Speakers include David Heinemeier Hansson, Bryan Liles, Jim Weirich, Gregg Pollack and Jason Seifer.


Scotland on Rails - March 26-28, 2009 - Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

The United Kingdom lacked its own Rails conference until last year when Scotland on Rails launched. It went so well that it's coming back for another year. It takes place from March 26 to 28 at the University of Edinburgh. Quite a few big names in the Ruby world went last year and part-time werewolf Chad Fowler and Marcel Molina Jnr will be giving a charity tutorial day this time around. As an aside, Jeremy McAnally wants to attend the conference and is accepting donations to help him on his way.


RailsConf 2009 - May 4-7, 2009 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The premier Rails conference returns for another year, though this time it's not in Portland, Oregon but at the Las Vegas Hilton! David Heinemeier Hansson has said that he hopes for much of the Rails 3 / Rails & Merb merger work to be worked out by then, so it could be a pretty interesting event with both Merb and Rails crews in the world's most happening desert city.

Please comment if you have other events to mention - people will see them, and we can probably mention them on the next post.

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5 Comment Responses to “3 Upcoming Rails Events in Early 2009”

  1. #1
    Steven Hilton Says:

    February 19 - 21, 2009 - Raleigh, NC

  2. #2
    Pat Allan Says:

    Rails Camp, of course ;)

    Next Australian one is going to be in March - we're *this* close to having a date set in stone.

    It's pretty likely there'll be another one in the US in May, but there's almost no details thus far. There'll be a blog post and plenty of twitter activity when we announce it.

  3. #3
    Suzanne Axtell Says:

    OK, so this is actually a comment about a past conference, but thought folks might be interested: We recently posted video of the RailsConf Europe keynote presentations (held last September in Berlin):

    Also, re RailsConf 2009--the call for papers is open until February 17 if anyone is interested in speaking at the conference. More details and submission form here:

  4. #4
    Tom Says:

    just wanted to mention that something is happening in the southern cone too, :)

  5. #5
    Geoffrey Grosenbach Says:

    I've listed these and others at:

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