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Live Blogging from Rails Summit Latin America

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The much anticipated Rails Summit Latin America is underway and runs till the end of Thursday in Sao Paulo, Brazil. So far Chad Fowler has taken the stage with a keynote and David Heinemeier Hansson has appeared via video link. Sessions from Dr. Nic, Chris Wanstrath, Fabio Akita, the Phusion guys, Charles Nutter, Obie Fernandez, Thomas Enebo, and others are all yet to come.

Chad DePue has written in to say that he's live blogging the conference at his blog Ruby Rescue. He already has notes up from the Chad Fowler and DHH sessions, so keep an eye out if you want to get the jump.

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3 Comment Responses to “Live Blogging from Rails Summit Latin America”

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    EliezerPimentel Says:

    Hello everybody,

    I'm in Rails Summit LA in Sao Paulo now, and i'd like congrats all the staff for the excelent event.

    Congratulations Locaweb, it's very cool.

    twitter: EliezerPimentel

  2. #2
    EliezerPimentel Says:


    I'm posting some photos about the Rails Summit in real time, you can see in and I'm posting comments about presentations in my twitter: EliezerPimentel, follow me.

    Pessoal, Estou postando algumas fotos sobre o Rails Summit em tempo real, você pode ver em e eu estou postando também comentários sobre as apresentações em meu Twitter: EliezerPimentel, acompanhem.

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    Archtron Says:

    Esa conferencia no deberia de llamarse Latin America, sino Brazil. Está en portugues y la mayoria en este continente hablamos Español!
    Pero bien por la comunidad brasileña, felicitaciones por su estupenda comunidad de usuarios Rails.

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