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Open Source Rails: An Index of Open Sourced Rails Apps

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Open Source Rails presents profiles of open sourced Ruby on Rails apps. The site allows you to submit application of your own, comment on existing apps, update the details for other apps, and keep track of those you're interested in. On most profiles you're given direct links to the app's homepage, main developer(s), and source code repositories, making it really easy to get involved.

As fits the name of the site, the system powering Open Source Rails is open source itself!

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One Comment Response to “Open Source Rails: An Index of Open Sourced Rails Apps”

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    Robert Lindsey Says:

    Thanks for mentioning our site Peter. It's been kind of churning along on autopilot since you wrote this blog last year. This is because we've been distracted by other projects.

    Site is up to almost 100 apps now and we're planning on upgrading it early next year. We're hoping the upgrades will take the site to the next level. I'll drop another comment here when it's released.

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