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rdd.pngThe Rails Development Directory is a new site from Engine Yard that provides a listing of companies offering Rails development services. It's squarely aimed at businesses who are looking to get major development work done.

On the front page you can fill in a rough number for "your budget" then tick off a number of requirements - such as security auditing skills, SEO services, iPhone development, and so forth - before clicking a button to get a list of suitable developers:


Developers are listed in order of how many endorsements or reviews they've gotten. So far HashRocket seems to lead the field with 13 endorsements with Planet Argon on 10 and Envy Labs, Intridea, and New Leaders tying on 9. Once you've chosen your ideal providers, you can move on to filling out a "request" that will be sent to all of your choices (up to just 3, alas). It's slick, easy, and remarkably clean.

As an aside, HashRocket doesn't show up on any budget under $40k, Planet Argon won't show up for under $25k, and EnvyLabs for under $10k. If your budget is a mere $100, however, don't fear because you still get 10 companies coming back to you!

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8 Comment Responses to “ A Directory of Rails Development Companies”

  1. #1
    Dan Croak Says:

    Awesome. Overdue.

  2. #2
    Ben Scofield Says:

    I'm guessing those <$100 budget companies are the ones who left the minimum budget field blank...

  3. #3
    Robert Dempsey Says:

    $100 can buy you a lot depending on what you need! The Rails Development directory is a great addition from Engine Yard, who isn't in the business of doing contract Rails development, however does have a vested stake in getting people to use their services. While having obvious business benefits for Engine Yard (like seeing what companies are getting leads through the service and talking more with those folks), is another example of how they help the Rails community.

  4. #4
    Ed Spencer Says:

    I love the hidden boobies in the screenshot

  5. #5
    Robert Lindsey Says:

    I don't see any hidden boobies.

  6. #6
    John Says:

    Would be good if it actually worked.. can't request endorsements, nor can clients successfully endorse - 'we're sorry something went wrong' - been like it for a week with no response back from the EY guys

  7. #7
    Nick French Says:

    Hi John,

    I'm sorry to hear you've had problems with the directory. We've had a couple of issues with the email functionality after we open sourced the code (we had to make some last minute changes prior to open sourcing). If you can email me directly at nfrench at engineyard, I'll see if we can get that process fixed for you.


  8. #8
    John Says:

    Thanks Nick - i'll send you an email - sorry for the open grumble!

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